Kids Learn Habits Early

Kids learn habits early.  This is why we read at night to them when they are young. This is why we enforce good study habits.  This is why we routinely remind them about being a friend and being polite - all starting at a young age.

So why do we, as a society, leave personal financial education to be learned somewhere else, by someone else, sometime in the future?

Facts are that kids need to learn good financial habits EARLY!

Give them a leg up, an advantage that you never had, teach them about savings, debt and investing even if you aren't the most savvy investor yourself, even if money is tight in your family and especially if your family is very fortunate.

"How To Teach Your Kids About Saving, Debt and Investing" is a breakthrough book.  The book is very thoughtfully laid out by a former stockbroker and father of two in a step by step, age appropriate guide.